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Russian natural cosmetics – cheap and effective

Russian natural cosmetics – cheap and effective

For several years, one of the biggest hits of cosmetic products are Korean. However, it turns out that effective recipes also want to look at some other areas of the world, such as Siberia …. Russian cosmetics are available on the Polish market for several years and has already gained a wide circle of supporters. No wonder – they are cheap, natural and really work. See which Russian cosmetics worth a try!

Recipes Russian cosmetics are generally based on locally occurring plants, such as thyroid Baikal, wąktorka Asian and Siberian cedar. Many of them come from the cleanest areas of Siberia Beauty links. Apart from plant extracts in high concentrations Russian cosmetics also contain, among others, natural clay and propolis. Though sometimes (especially in online forums) you can meet with the statement that I really do not know what they contain cosmetics from Russia, it’s proven brand can reach without fear – many of them have fully confirmed the natural composition of a number of certificates. Their manufacturers at the same time avoid the use of synthetic colorants, paraffin and mineral oils, parabens, PEG-s, s-SLS. Note, however, that plant extracts – as well as other ingredients used in cosmetics – may cause allergic reactions. It is a very individual thing, which is why it is worth to do before using the test allergic.

What’s more, the cosmetics are really affordable prices. For most of them do not pay more than 20 zł per pack (and many you can buy even cheaper). Their effectiveness has been proven while thousands of satisfied wearers.

Cosmetics Dear Babushka Agafii

Products signed with the name of this cult Babushka Agafia Russian cosmetics, herbal based on old folk recipes and ways of hair and body care. Foundation for the brand has become a form of Agafii Jermakow, which over the years has gained knowledge of the beneficial properties of herbs. An important role in the composition of the Russian cosmetics play Siberian plants, such as mugwort soap root or Arctic. Cosmetics are also completely free of synthetic chemical additives.

With preparations brands Babushka Agafia, first aid kit and Agafii Agafii Bania (all belong to the Russian company Pervoe Reshenie) can comprehensively take care of the whole body – because the offer includes a wide range of shampoos, creams, soaps, scrubs and face masks. The real highlight is the black Siberian body soap and hair. The product contains oils yarrow, chamomile extracts, birch, stinging nettle, sage and lemon balm. It is fully natural and leaves a pleasant, slightly herbal scent, does not dry the skin and has soothing properties.

Babuszka Agafia
First aid kit Agafii
Vanya Agafii
first Solution
Siberian black soap for body and hair

Natura Siberica

This is one of the most recognizable Russian brands cosmetic. Signature of its products to a large extent consist of extracts of plants growing only in Siberia, collected in natural growth conditions. Guided by the conviction that the natural selection (severe winter, strong winds) makes the survival of the most durable plants, rich in beneficial substances. That’s what they are collected and then used to produce cosmetics. Siberica Natura products are also completely vegan.

The most popular cosmetics brands are shampoos, among others rokitnikowy or with the extract of rose and raspberry.

with the extract of rose and raspberry


Fitokosmetik is a Russian brand that offers a wide range of natural hair care products, face and body skin. Very popular especially clays: pink, white, black Dead Sea with silver ions or blue. They are rich in minerals and are able to absorb toxins and pollutants. Just mix it with water (or hydrolate) and oil, to obtain a paste, which is then applied to the face and body as a mask. It is important to properly choose the type of clay to the skin (white for dry and sensitive skin, redness pink to green to oily …).


The offer can also be found by natural henna hair color, masks, creams, soaps, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, and many other amenities.

Organic shop

The idea for the brand Organic Shop was established when its creators held a very inspiring journey through the British and Italian organic farms. Signed by her cosmetics are made from ingredients derived from plant materials, and non-synthetic, such as shea butter, jojoba oil or extracts of marine algae. They do not contain parabens, silicones, synthetic dyes or SLS floor. Currently, all products are made in Russia, but the plants are imported from organic farming around the world.

Offer brand Organic Shop includes a wide selection of products for body care and hair. Our favorites are beautifully scented scrubs.

Five ways to make more durable

Five ways to make more durable

Regardless of whether you are going to a wedding, a music festival, or simply to work – the durability of makeup is constantly being put to the test. It may harm not only the high temperature and prone to sweating, but also frequent touching your face with your hands or clothing. See how to make makeup look fresh all day (or all night).

Adequate hydration of the skin

Good skin condition prolongs makeup. Especially important is proper hydration – the primer dry places and other color cosmetics do not distribute themselves evenly and do not absorb. It is worth remembering that immediately before application of makeup do not use very greasy creams, left by the oil layer may not dissolve because even the best sleeper. It is good to wait a while between the imposition and execution of the cream makeup to cosmetic care well absorbed.

Make-up base

The database not only improves the stability of makeup, but also corrects minor imperfections, such as redness or bumps. Thanks to cosmetics will also better distribute and do not change throughout the day its hue. The offer drugstore you can find both the base primer and under eye shadows, lipstick and even under.

waterproof cosmetics

Sweat, raindrops or tears can destroy even the most precise makeup. So it’s very popular waterproof cosmetics – mascara long-life, eye shadows in pencil or cream, pressed powders, and even sleepers. Water is replaced in these polymers, silicones or resin, and therefore tend to be denser and more velvety than niewodoodporne preparations.

Loose powder to consolidate

A good way to make the fixation it is also przyprószenie transparent bulk powder (which may be, for example Mums blog live. Light mineral powder or rice powder). Cosmetics should be applied evenly over the entire face with a large brush. You can also cover it gently lipstick painted lips. Powder dulling skin and provide a smooth finish makeup.

Fixer for special tasks

On special occasions you can also apply a fixer, or preparation fixative spray. This type of cosmetics are often used by professional beauticians in the performance of makeup for the wedding … or the red carpet. Spray applied on already completed make-up.

It is worth remembering that the fixer is intended primarily for large output – used every day can strain the skin and accelerate the aging process.

Remember! Even the best cosmetics do not maintain the durability, if they imposed too … fat. Liberally applying primer and can weigh up to drain from his face, and several layers of ink very quickly begin to osypywać …

Remember! Even the best cosmetics do not maintain the durability, if they imposed too … fat..

Four stages of cellulite – how to fight them? Yes develops orange peel

Four stages of cellulite – how to fight them? Yes develops orange peel

Cellulite, or orange peel, is a real affliction of women. Distorted adipose tissue-evident under the skin in the form of lumps, can effectively pick up the fancy uncovering the body, but also get in serious complexes. How to effectively fight him?

Where does cellulite?

The occurrence of orange peel is associated with an excess of estrogen in the body, which is why cellulite is usually the domain of women. The second reason for the occurrence of cellulite body are microvascular changes by which the toxins are not properly discharged and accumulated in the adipose tissue. Tissue, the expanding, begins to exert pressure on the tissue and the fat in the compacted pellets.

Factors favoring the formation of cellulite

The formation of cellulite is not a matter of days, but years. Orange peel are usually created on the buttocks, thighs, arms and abdomen. This unsightly problem affects women of all ages, regardless of their weight. In addition to hormonal, the formation of cellulite is also affected by lack of exercise and poor diet – excess sweets and salts, processed foods, soft drinks, and also spiked with antibiotics meat. When it comes to lifestyle, cellulite promotes a sedentary lifestyle, lack of sports, smoking, alcohol and coffee. It is also important that wear casual: tight clothing and high-heeled shoes.

Cellulite – four degrees, so that more easily recognize the different phases

With the distinction in the four-level scale, we can recognize how far advanced is the orange peel on our body.

The first phase of cellulite (less advanced) causes several factors: lack of exercise, hormonal disorders and poor diet. It develops slowly and is not strongly visible, and the fine lumps of fat are revealed only after the strong compression of the skin. Cellulite in the first phase persists for a long time – even a few years.

The first phase of the cellulite

The second stage of cellulite (intermediate) is more pronounced, especially after the muscle tension. Fatty lumps become larger, and cellulite in this phase may persist for a long time.

The second stage of cellulite

Advanced, the third stage of cellulite is disclosed in the form of lumps and unevenness visible even without compressing the skin. If they cause pain, we can talk about one of the worst forms of cellulite.

third stage of cellulite

The last phase of cellulite (very advanced) revealed a corrugated, slack skin, and soreness when touched fatty lumps. This phase is extremely difficult to cure, and skin irregularities are palpable even through clothing, which affects the comfort of everyday functioning. Fourth degree can last forever, because it is so advanced that the areas occupied by cellulite does not disappear and can only grow.

The last phase of cellulite

How to fight cellulite? Four steps to beautiful skin

Step one: balanced diet

To deal with the cellulite, regardless of its sophistication, must be strictly eliminated from the diet junk food AllurePerfect. Daily meals should be rich in fiber, good fats and vitamins. It is extremely important also to rehydrate, because water removes the toxins. In addition to water, will also be important yerba mate and herbal tea. What should I eat? Whole-grain breads, lean fish, vegetables and fruit and cereal.

Step two: physical activity

Long walks and light exercises that can be performed at home, is a great entry in the struggle to get rid of orange peel. The effects of activity are visible, you should move at least three times a week.

Step three: household remedies

From cellulite you can also fight at home, using special cosmetics and so-called. lymphatic massage, which we make with the help of a sharp brush, glove or massager with special insets. Thanks to restore the proper functioning of the skin, firming and stimulating it to remove toxins faster. At home, you can also place the area affected by cellulite Chinese bubble breaking fat.

Step Four: Professional invasive and non-invasive treatments

If the above three steps fail or do not bring the desired effect, you should seek professional help and even go to the offices of aesthetic medicine. They offer several effective ways to combat orange peel – both invasive (needle mesotherapy, injection lipolysis, iontophoresis) and non-invasive (needle mesotherapy, endermologie or velashape).

Brushes, sponges, gloves, make-up remover. Do you know how to clean these products?

Brushes, sponges, gloves, make-up remover. Do you know how to clean these products?

Brushes, sponges and special gloves to remove make-up to help in the daily, routine makijażowej, but all of these items should be thoroughly cleaned after each use. The remnants of cosmetics and accessories are left on the harbor bacteria, which transferred to the skin can cause acne, eczema and infections.

Perhaps you wondered why in spite of careful nursing, your face appear clogged pores, redness or skin changes. The reason may be dirty brushes, beauty niedoczyszczony blender or glove person found washed up remover. The skin is extremely susceptible to any kind of irritation, because the accessories that you use to apply and remove makeup should always be clean.

How to clean makeup brushes?

The brushes are made of very soft bristles, so they should be cleaned preparations devoid of aggressive chemicals. You can use this to baby shampoo or plain, soft soap. On the market there are also special gels and so-called. cleanery, which effectively remove brush from dirt, dust and bacteria, without damaging the hair. Regardless, after which you reach the product, useful and extremely useful gadget is the cleaner brushes. You put him as a silicone glove and pour him a little shampoo or other cosmetics to wash brushes. Then, gently rubbing with a brush cleaner until the formation of foam. With the knobs located on the cleaning-quickly and easily remove even with brushes woodoporny foundation or lipstick.

Washing will not only keep the brushes clean, but also to maintain the softness of hair. So be sure to regularly clean the brushes – those for cosmetics wet, for example. Sleepers, BB creams and lipsticks should be washed after each use. Brushes for loose products and minerals can be cleaned less often – approx. Once a week. After washing, dry it well brushes. To remain soft bristles and brush did not lose shape, you can also add a little oil to wash makeup remover or a drop of olive oil.

How to clean sponge to apply foundation?

The launch of Beauty Blender has revolutionized the method of applying a wet makeup products. American producer of sponge became popular to the point that gave its name to all products of this type. Egg-shaped applicator allows thoroughly and evenly distribute the cosmetic, which keeps the foundation or concealer on the face longer and does not create so-called. mask. Currently, we have to choose from a variety of manufacturers sponges in different sizes and shapes. No matter which you choose applicator in order to fulfill its function, you need to clean it regularly. How to do it?

Ways washing sponges are a few. The first is the use of the same products, which are designed to remove dirt from the brushes. However, while specialist preparations cope with heavier sleepers or proofreaders, so much baby shampoo or soap may be insufficient in this case. Then be added to a few drops of a cosmetic oil (eg. Avocado and flax seed). Oil effectively removes all dirt and at the same time make the sponge is soft and delicate.

Washing applicator technique is very simple. Just wet the sponge under running water, apply a bit of preparation for cleaning and gentle movements to get rid of dirt. It is important not to rub hard sponge and destroy its structure. At the end you just rinse well beauty blender, drain and leave it to dry completely.

Second means of cleaning the blender is based on beauty … inserted into the microwave applicator. The method raises a lot of controversy, however, as shown Youtuberki is effective. Pour into a bowl of water and a few drops of washing liquid and then immersed in a solution of sponge. A bowl of liquid applicator and put in the microwave for a minute at the maximum power of the device. After removing the delicate beauty blender drain and leave to dry.

How to clean the glove makeup remover?

Manufacturers provide us not only accessories to makeup, but also for its removal woman internet resources. The glove replaces as many as five care products, ie. Micellar fluid, lotion, tonic, peeling and cosmetic pads. It is so economical, but also environmentally friendly way to make-up removal. The glove allows you to get rid of make-up only with water. Just zwilżysz glove, you put a face to it and do a gentle massage.

After finishing glove treatment should be immediately washed. How? You can use a dedicated preparation or soft soap. Re-moisten the glove under running water using a fluid or soap get rid of all dirt. Drain the gauntlet and Unsuspend it on a hook in the bathroom. It is important to dry the product itself – do not hang it on the radiator and a dryer drum.

Lipstick color, and zodiac sign. Find out what makeup suits you

Lipstick color, and zodiac sign. Find out what makeup suits you

Lipstick color, and zodiac sign. Find out what makeup suits you

Makeup should be compatible with the personality and fit into our character iam fashion. This unique horoscope urodowy will tell you how best to paint the lips. If you bet on the color of your lipstick in compliance with the sign of the zodiac, you look delicious.


Women from this character are very lively and full of energy. Their personality is best suited red lipstick. It highlights the nature of Aries. This color is very sensual, feminine and self-confidence. Lord under the sign of Aries will certainly be a great feeling with red lipstick on her lips. They like to look good and are not afraid to attract attention.


Bulls like to break stereotypes, to stand out in the crowd and put on originality. Women from this character should try cobalt lipstick. This season, the ink lips are extremely fashionable. This unusual color may at first questionable, but it is enough time to paint lips on cobalt to see that the color fits perfectly to the woman of Taurus.


Cheerful and spontaneous Gemini will look great and feel perfectly with powdery pink on her lips. This cheerful, sweet, delicate shade perfectly fits their personality. This lipstick color emphasizes the beauty and not be overwhelmed. Women under the zodiac sign of love too much lip gloss. They will feel great in all shades of pink and shades of peach or coral.


Mr. born under the sign of Cancer are very sentimental and emotional. Appearance is not the most important for them, but I always care about aesthetics. To fit their character in natural shades of lipstick. The ideal would be a nude color, delicate red or pale pink.


Confident and elegant Lions should paint the brown lipstick mouth. This color perfectly highlights their personality. It is remarkable, and at the same time natural. Dark lips are created for women under the sign of Leo. Leading the trend for them is a matt lipstick.

Virgin nature are difficult and complicated personality. Seemingly calm, in fact, are not so polite. To fit their difficult beauty obvious shades. Pomegranate, gray or violet can be hit. Single well will also be felt with red lipstick.


They like weight balance. They appreciate the naturalness of the mouth and just neutral-feel best. Lord from this sign should choose between a nude color, delicate pinks and natural beige. Weighting also fit very clear lip gloss.


For a passionate personality and passion Scorpions will fit lipstick in a shade of purple, fuchsia or purple. It is important to be intense and saturated. This color is directly created for them. They emphasize their character.


Women from this sign love to experiment and willing to jump into deep water. They are not afraid of new, even the most bizarre trends. Maybe ink mouth? Or several colors at the same time?


Capricorns like classics and naturalness. They do not like the fashion novelties and experiments with appearance. The best choice for a Capricorn will be in natural color lip gloss. Complement and enhance the beauty of the image.

Aquarius very like the original experiments, and at the same time have the original taste. Always they look great and stand out from the crowd. The best part is that you do not need to do this nothing special to do. Women from this zodiac sign can peacefully give up painting mouth. And this will not be the person who would be behind them looked with admiration.


Lord from this sign have an artistic soul and are very sensitive. Best fit their lipstick and lip gloss in soft, natural colors. Powdery colors and shades of pink is something for the zodiac Pisces. With such lips will feel like a fish in water.

How to beat cellulite before summer? Household remedies that really work

How to beat cellulite before summer? Household remedies that really work

Homemade solutions for cellulite – Coffee Scrub

Peeling coffee some time ago gained popularity in the network. Delighted him bloggers and internet users. And quite rightly so. It’s a simple, inexpensive and highly effective way to improve the appearance of the skin. Coffee scrub smoothes and helps in the fight against cellulite. In the simplest version will suffice us coffee grounds. It should be vigorously massaged place them vulnerable to the formation of cellulite. Scrub recipe for coffee is a little more complicated. Mix coffee grounds with olive oil or other oil-liked. This massage is not only effectively stimulate circulation and firming, but also moisturize the skin and natłuści. The only drawback is that after such a peeling need to thoroughly wash the bathroom. Coffee grounds are literally everywhere. But it’s a low price for a perfect body without cellulite.

Domestic methods for cellulite – brushing the body dry

Intensive massage using a sharp brush can work wonders. Effectively it stimulates circulation and contributes to the elimination of cellulite. Dry body brushing firms and smoothes the skin. This procedure effectively replace the scrub Riley Makeup. For its implementation need only acute bristle brush. Body massage in circular motions, focusing especially on the abdomen, hips, thighs and buttocks. For the treatment we should devote at least 10-15 minutes. It would be best to brush your body every day or every other day. With regular massage effectively will improve the appearance of the skin and its condition. At the beginning of the body can be bleeding profusely, but after a while you get used to. On the way they should be careful posiadaczki very dry and sensitive skin and women prone to spider veins.

Homemade solutions for cellulite – Mask with cinnamon

Body mask with cinnamon very effectively firms the skin and helps in the fight against cellulite. This component is often used in cosmetics slimming, but domestic mask with cinnamon may be the better choice. Just this spice mix with a little water, so as to produce a fairly thick mush. Then we put it on the skin and leave for 20-30 minutes so. You can also wrap the body with plastic wrap to intensify the effect. However, before the surgery, be sure to remember the test sensitization. Apply the mask with cinnamon on a small area of ​​the skin. If 24 hours is not an allergic reaction occurs, you can safely use this method. If you want to further moisturize and nourish the skin, you can instead of water, use honey.

Domestic methods for cellulite – Alternate shower cold and hot water

Shower with the use of alternating hot and cold water effectively improves circulation, firms the skin and reduces cellulite. Additionally it relaxes on tired muscles and effectively stimulate. It can perform both morning and evening. This procedure is extremely simple. Topping the body of water, gradually changing the temperature. First heat, then gradually becoming colder and warmer again. Quietly you can use ice-cold water, but I do not pour the boiling water. It can be hard warm, but not hot. Shower alternating hot and cold water is best to do every day. Then you notice the effects really fast.

Fighting cellulite is a difficult task. In addition to care also important is a healthy diet and physical activity. Without this, you will be hard to get rid of orange peel. Cosmetic procedures are a good complement, but in itself is often not enough. Also remember that regularity is very important. Even the best method will not work if you go after him in a blue moon. Once you do not have to use all of these methods. All you have to decide on one of them, but you will persevere. You can see the first effects after a week. The skin will be visibly firmer and smoother and cellulite gradually start to decrease.

Fighting cellulite – what else do you need to know?

Beauty treatments can significantly improve the appearance of skin. Regularly carried out improves circulation, restores firmness and can really eliminate or reduce cellulite. However, it is his plan to turn the diet and physical activity. This trio is the real killer orange peel. And you do not have to train for several hours a day or drastically change your eating habits.

Simply move more every day. Eg. To choose a bike instead of a car, the stairs instead of the elevator or walking instead of cable. It is 2-3 times a week, spending at least 45 minutes for the workout.

Instead, decide to fad diets or starve yourself, try to eat more vegetables. Limit salt, sugar and fried products. Drink a lot of water. Even small changes produce big results if only remain consistent.

  • She took a fitting two pairs of trousers in the same size and proved that the sizes is absurd
  • After tea bag will replace a lot of cosmetics. Ecological, cheap and effective tricks

GM diet, or how to lose six kilograms in a week

GM diet, or how to lose six kilograms in a week

Proponents of GM diets claim that this method of weight loss helps burn fat faster than other diets. But do you actually work? We will look at the advantages, but also disadvantages.

What is a GM diet?

GM Diet was allegedly created for the employees of General Motors in 1985. It is given that its development contributed to the US Department of Agriculture. However, this myth was overthrown and did not really know who created the GM diet.

Diet plan is divided into seven days with very strict rules on products that can be eaten. For example, in the second day of the diet, you can eat only vegetables, and the fifth a few tomatoes and lots of meat.

According to the National Diet to help GM shed up to six kilograms in just seven days. Thanks to its use our body has reportedly opportunity to get rid of toxins, improve digestion and increase your ability to burn fat.

Proponents of GM diet consider it to be effective, because it contains low-calorie foods, such as fruits or vegetables. And that comes in your diet – to create a calorie deficit, or eat less than you burn during the day. In addition, many products that you can eat on a diet contains a lot of water, which is another argument in its positive effect or detoxification of the body.

Those who promote the GM diet as a way to achieve your najepszy silhouette, zaklładają that to achieve long-term results of weight loss diet can be used many times, even at intervals of 5 – 7 days.

What you can eat on a diet of GM?

GM Diet is divided into seven days, with each day has its own rules in force.

It is recommended to drink 8-12 glasses of water each day to keep hydrated organisms during dieting. It not necessarily required physical activity, especially for the first three days of the diet.

Detailed guidance on the GM diet each day:

The first day:

  • eat only fruit – all kinds addition banana
  • no limits on the amount of fruit

Diet particularly encouraged followers to eat melons to increase weight loss.

Day two

  • eat only vegetables in the form of raw or cooked
  • diet does not determine the maximum quantity of vegetables
  • Limit potatoes only to breakfast

Day third

  • just eat all kinds of fruits and vegetables, except bananas and potatoes
  • diet does not determine the maximum quantity of products

Fourth day

  • eat only bananas; You can eat up to 6 large or 8 small bananas.
  • drink 3 cups of milk, preferably skimmed

day five

  • Eat two servings of beef, chicken or fish (250 grams)
  • in addition to the meat you can eat only six whole tomatoes.
  • Vegetarians can replace meat brown rice or curd.
  • increases in water consumption of two glasses to flush the additional uric acid

sixth day

  • on the sixth day meals can cover an unlimited amount of vegetables, but no potatoes.
  • Vegetarians can replace meat brown rice or curd

seventh day

  • eat only brown rice, fruits, vegetables
  • Drink fruit juices
  • It does not specify the maximum amount of any of these products

other guidelines

GM diet contains a few other guidelines presented in addition to the nutrition plan.

  • You can not eat beans, which, according to proponents of the diet is calorie and can cause weight gain
  • coffee drinking green tea is allowed, but only without the addition of any sweeteners
  • carbonated beverages, alcoholic and other beverages calories are not allowed unless they are included in the diet, for example. milk
  • instead of the usual milk, you can use soy meat substitute and even cottage cheese

After the end of the weekly diet plan GM is recommended to switch to low-carb and high-protein diet to maintain weight loss

The benefits of a diet of GM

Although no studies have not analyzed the GM diet, there are some studies on some of its aspects. First of all, a plan to encourage increased consumption of fruit and vegetables that have been shown to help us lose weight, turn up the metabolism.

In a study of 2015., Which it involved more than 133 000 participants, those who ate the most fruits and non-starchy vegetables, had the lowest risk of changes in body weight in a period of four years.

Importantly, the GM diet restricts certain foods and drinks that cause weight gain, such as sweetened drinks and alcohol.

Despite the fairly strict rules, however, allows the GM diet every day to choose meat, fruits and vegetables based on personal preferences, which makes it easier to persevere in it, because we eat what we like.

Disadvantages diet GM

GM diet has many disadvantages, however, to keep in mind:

  • there are no studies proving its effectiveness
  • there is no evidence that diet consists of “negative” calories
  • GM diet does not contain vital nutrients such as good fats, vitamin B12, iron, calcium
  • diet is not well-balanced and can lead to feelings of deprivation and hunger on some days due to the quantity of the various macronutrients
  • most days would consume much protein, which can bring counterproductive, because studies show that there has been can reduce appetite and increase weight loss
  • weight loss in diet can be temporary GM
  • most of the weight lost on this diet is more water, not fat

Every time you reduce calorie intake, your body is looking for other sources of fuel. This makes the starts to break down glycogen – the energy storage molecule located in the liver and muscles. Glycogen maintains a large amount of water so as glycogen stores are depleted, the water loss can cause rapid weight loss.

Unfortunately, this type of weight loss is only temporary and you have to reckon with the yo-yo effect.

Is it worth it to try a diet of GM?

Especially before the holidays, many people are looking for quick ways to lose weight, this can not be done in one week. Although GM diet are encouraged to eat fruit and vegetables, sugar-sweetened beverages is limited, its disadvantages far outweigh any potential benefits, especially the yo-yo effect.

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