Popular spice will give hair shine, accelerate their growth and hamper loss

Cumin and egg on the hair – a recipe for homemade mask

The recipe for hair conditioner with cumin and eggs showed on his Instagram Madina Shrienzada. Her beautiful, well-groomed, long hair and nearly 800 thousand. Observers are the best recommendation. In the video you will see step by step how to prepare yourself this mask hair Makeup blog. The author promises a provision that the regular use of our bands will regain a healthy appearance. They will be moisturized, smooth and shiny.

Eggs have long been used in hair care. They used them already our grandmothers. But cumin hair is a novelty. However, it turns out that the rich in vitamins and trace elements spice is not only very healthy to eat, but also works well externally in hair care. Especially those destroyed, lusterless and falling out excessively.

Preparing masks for hair with cumin and eggs is very easy. You only need a grinder to grind spice. Of course you can buy it directly in powder form, but freshly ground grains have more active ingredients and work better. A bowl hammer one egg and mix thoroughly with three tablespoons of powder cumin. Apply the mask on your hair and hold half an hour. After this time, rinse thoroughly with warm water. In order to better distribute the conditioner on your hair, you can use a brush (such as the dyeing).