How to remove varnish hybrid fast way? With this simple method does not destroy the nail

How to remove nail varnish hybrid at home – you need

You do not always have time for it to arrange with the beautician in the salon to remove the paint from the peel of the hybrid and the nail plate. But do not use it to force or invasive methods – eg. Tests plucking or biting. So how do you remove the nail from the hybrid at home other than a file? If you prefer to do it myself, but not to damage the tiles, you can file off with a file or a hybrid router, or best use of the method with aluminum foil and acetone Women tips. It is worth noting that without spiƂowania hybrids there’s no way, if you paint the nails was cured UV gel or acrylic. Sorry, but with them alone acetone can not help themselves – the layer does not dissolve completely in line with expectations. These tips will help you in the job, how to remove varnish hybrid at home differently than file.

Before you begin, prepare yourself: Cosmetic swab, clean with acetone, nail milling or conventional wooden manicure sticks and ten elongate pieces of aluminum foil.

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How to remove the paint with acetone hybrid?

Varnish hybrid can remove the nail beautician, but you can try – successfully! – do it alone. How to remove hybrid with acetone nail at home we know the safe solution. Pour a little nail polish remover into a bowl, and then reach for a cotton pad on it and tear the ten tiny pieces. Now dip each piece in the remover and apply to the surface of the nail. Then wrap each finger with aluminum foil and wait 5-10 minutes.

After this time, remove the foil from all fingers and gently scrape the remnants of lacquer manicure stick. Remember that paint a hybrid does not leave all at once. He begins to crack on the board and your task will be to challenge him and image. Aluminum accelerates acetone – see how easily take off from the nail varnish hybrid without damaging the plate! You already know in theory how to remove the acetone hybrid, see the following video, which shows the whole process.

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More details on this can be found in the following video:

How to remove paint from the skins of hybrid?

Skins dirty nail varnish hybrid or ordinary nail polish is a problem that bothers most women. Most often it happens when we do a manicure at home. Why? When the nail plate is too deeply rooted sometimes leave the skin with a brush or fingers. Fortunately, there are a few tricks that will quickly get rid of this problem.

Here are a few of them:

  • Bookbinding glue – we put it on the skin around the nails and wait until it dries. Then we undermine it gently with tweezers. It comes off easily without damaging the previously captured manicure. Instead, the adhesive can be used liquid latex paint especially recommended for hybrid, but it is expensive and often difficult to obtain.

bookbinding glue

  • Hand bath – completely dry nails should be prepared to soak in a bath and hold a moment. We can add to the bath, for example. Olive, in addition to moisturize the skin of your hands. After removing the hand from the bath should be gently wiped with a towel so that the last remnants of the preparation.

hand bath

  • Equalizer in the pen – it’s very cool gadget, easy to use and freely available. It allows for trouble-free removal of paint from unwanted places. Each equalizer is usually provided with additional terminals that allow you to enjoy a longer service life of the product. Shaped tip allows for precise EQ to clean the paint peel.

Equalizer in the pen

To avoid future hybrid paint on skins, before taking the hybrid thoroughly remove the peel from a nail.