Homemade soap increasingly popular. How to make them yourself?

Such even soap. Regardless of the preferred form we can make them homemade. It is true that it will be quite laborious, but the effect we have guaranteed, even in the form of absolute certainty as to the composition of our soap. Let’s see how to make homemade soap.

Homemade soap bar

To prepare them we need the base, or plain soap gray ankle. Added to this is olive oil and hot water and a few tools. It is without a doubt the easiest way to do your own soap. Process starts from soap clash large mesh cheese grater. Turnings is added to the oil and 2 tablespoons quarter cup of hot water. Then insert the prepared mixture into a larger pot with water and slowly heat up until when the water evaporates and the chips to melt. At this point we can add to the weight of the preferred additives, although this is not necessary victoria’s temptations. This may be a natural color or smell, for example, finely chopped orange peel and dried herbs. Thus cooked mixture is poured into molds and cut off the excess. Well before the mold is gently rubbed with olive oil, making it easier to remove the soap. At the end we decorate the top of the soap and insert them into the freezer. After several hours, the soap is ready for use.

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How do Glycerine Soap

The process of production of its own glycerine soap is very similar. The first difference is intermediate used. And it is in this case a special base glycerol. To make her soap should be dissolved, as in the case of soft soap. This can be done either in a water bath or in the microwave. However, be careful not to boil. We add the base to the dissolved dye is preferred – in an amount of several drops may not be of the transplant. The same as with the rest of the scent – absolutely just a few drops. Then we can add to the base of the elements that we want to be embedded in our soap. We can also do this in a different way – pour into molds of the mass, place ornaments, wait until the mixture hardens and pour a little rest. Thus prepared soap leave to solidify. Before removing it is good to be cooled, making it easier to come out from the molds.

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How to make organic soap

If you prefer to use liquid soap, nothing is lost. This home also can perform cosmetic own. And there are several ways. The first one is also based on ankle grated soap. Topimy chips in a water bath and then add the remaining components – a spoon glycerol, half a teaspoon of olive oil and smell. With these additions, the weight is not so easy to freeze. After cooling, the soap is ready for use in the dispenser. Soap can also do this on the basis of coconut oil and honey. These ingredients are known for their moisturizing and protective properties. You will need to also soap Castilian, which is the base component of soaps. Simply mix the ingredients in the right proportions, or half a cup of coconut oil, half a cup of honey and a glass of Castilian soap. And ready.

Liquid soap homemade

Another natural ingredient known for salutary effect on the skin is aloe vera. To prepare it with soap will need ¾ cup coconut glucoside or mild detergent, the same amount of rose water, two tablespoons of honey, 10 grams of aloe and one tablespoon of jojoba oil. The process start from the mixing bowl in the glucoside and rose water. Then add them to the honey and jojoba oil. The aloe vera extract comprised in a gel and mix until homogenous. Thus prepared aloe add the remaining ingredients and mix thoroughly. And ready.