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How alone trim bangs and hair tips? So, to not later regret

How alone trim bangs and hair tips? So, to not later regret

How to cut your hair yourself at home?

He noted hairstylist Nathaniel Hawkins, whose services have benefited over the years, among others, Jennifer Lopez and Adele, the most problematic element is the bangs, which requires great precision. So before you decide to cut it alone, let’s take a deep breath and think, are you sure we need it now. “Fringe grows slowly, and all its shortcomings it is difficult to hide. All the stories of spectacular disasters with bangs in the main role began with the impulse necessary to shorten it – here and now. Personally, I recommend that you first try to dye her hair alone, and only then take up their cutting “- reserves Hawkins in an interview with the American magazine” Harper’s Bazaar “.

Bangs grows slowly, and all its shortcomings it is difficult to hide

However, if you need to shorten the unsightly split or long strands is too large, the expert suggests to start by choosing the right scissors. “Do not even think about using ordinary scissors, which you cut the paper. They should have adequate, slightly pointed tip “- noted. And he adds that in a situation where we do not have special scissors to hair, we can use as a last resort for those fabrics. “For sure will be sharper, which ensures greater precision” – provides Hawkins.

Do not even think about using ordinary scissors, which you cut the paper MomStyles site. They should have a suitable, slightly pointed end

Another piece of advice hair stylists concerns prior to dry hair. Because wet hair appear longer, reducing them immediately after washing, we risk that by trimming too much. This applies especially to the fringe. “After drying, we will have a full picture of the appearance of the hair – their bulkiness, length, texture. Just the ordinary comb to comb them with an average thickness of the teeth so as to release tension and be smoothed out ‘- instructing Hawkins. The expert suggests that the self-cutting does not rush out and be careful. “Carefully measure your hair before cutting. Before you grab the scissors, hair length look at and decide whether you need to shorten it by three millimeters, a centimeter or two “- he concludes.

wet hair appear longer, reducing them immediately after washing, we risk that by trimming too much

Always cut the length just a little. If you simply improve and cut down a little farther. Error in the other party can no longer be so easy to fix, and you have to wait until the hair grows back.

Brushes, sponges, gloves, make-up remover. Do you know how to clean these products?

Brushes, sponges, gloves, make-up remover. Do you know how to clean these products?

Brushes, sponges and special gloves to remove make-up to help in the daily, routine makijażowej, but all of these items should be thoroughly cleaned after each use. The remnants of cosmetics and accessories are left on the harbor bacteria, which transferred to the skin can cause acne, eczema and infections.

Perhaps you wondered why in spite of careful nursing, your face appear clogged pores, redness or skin changes. The reason may be dirty brushes, beauty niedoczyszczony blender or glove person found washed up remover. The skin is extremely susceptible to any kind of irritation, because the accessories that you use to apply and remove makeup should always be clean.

How to clean makeup brushes?

The brushes are made of very soft bristles, so they should be cleaned preparations devoid of aggressive chemicals. You can use this to baby shampoo or plain, soft soap. On the market there are also special gels and so-called. cleanery, which effectively remove brush from dirt, dust and bacteria, without damaging the hair. Regardless, after which you reach the product, useful and extremely useful gadget is the cleaner brushes. You put him as a silicone glove and pour him a little shampoo or other cosmetics to wash brushes. Then, gently rubbing with a brush cleaner until the formation of foam. With the knobs located on the cleaning-quickly and easily remove even with brushes woodoporny foundation or lipstick.

Washing will not only keep the brushes clean, but also to maintain the softness of hair. So be sure to regularly clean the brushes – those for cosmetics wet, for example. Sleepers, BB creams and lipsticks should be washed after each use. Brushes for loose products and minerals can be cleaned less often – approx. Once a week. After washing, dry it well brushes. To remain soft bristles and brush did not lose shape, you can also add a little oil to wash makeup remover or a drop of olive oil.

How to clean sponge to apply foundation?

The launch of Beauty Blender has revolutionized the method of applying a wet makeup products. American producer of sponge became popular to the point that gave its name to all products of this type. Egg-shaped applicator allows thoroughly and evenly distribute the cosmetic, which keeps the foundation or concealer on the face longer and does not create so-called. mask. Currently, we have to choose from a variety of manufacturers sponges in different sizes and shapes. No matter which you choose applicator in order to fulfill its function, you need to clean it regularly. How to do it?

Ways washing sponges are a few. The first is the use of the same products, which are designed to remove dirt from the brushes. However, while specialist preparations cope with heavier sleepers or proofreaders, so much baby shampoo or soap may be insufficient in this case. Then be added to a few drops of a cosmetic oil (eg. Avocado and flax seed). Oil effectively removes all dirt and at the same time make the sponge is soft and delicate.

Washing applicator technique is very simple. Just wet the sponge under running water, apply a bit of preparation for cleaning and gentle movements to get rid of dirt. It is important not to rub hard sponge and destroy its structure. At the end you just rinse well beauty blender, drain and leave it to dry completely.

Second means of cleaning the blender is based on beauty … inserted into the microwave applicator. The method raises a lot of controversy, however, as shown Youtuberki is effective. Pour into a bowl of water and a few drops of washing liquid and then immersed in a solution of sponge. A bowl of liquid applicator and put in the microwave for a minute at the maximum power of the device. After removing the delicate beauty blender drain and leave to dry.

How to clean the glove makeup remover?

Manufacturers provide us not only accessories to makeup, but also for its removal woman internet resources. The glove replaces as many as five care products, ie. Micellar fluid, lotion, tonic, peeling and cosmetic pads. It is so economical, but also environmentally friendly way to make-up removal. The glove allows you to get rid of make-up only with water. Just zwilżysz glove, you put a face to it and do a gentle massage.

After finishing glove treatment should be immediately washed. How? You can use a dedicated preparation or soft soap. Re-moisten the glove under running water using a fluid or soap get rid of all dirt. Drain the gauntlet and Unsuspend it on a hook in the bathroom. It is important to dry the product itself – do not hang it on the radiator and a dryer drum.

Perfectly cleanses the skin, removes tension, relaxes – just a few minutes!

Perfectly cleanses the skin, removes tension, relaxes – just a few minutes!

Sausage face – benefits

Steam bath for the face is the oldest traditional way of cleansing the skin. Hot steam and substances contained in the water added to the herbs or oils activate the pores of the skin. As a result, easier to remove dead cells, blackheads and other impurities, and the skin remains smooth and fresh. But it is not only the benefits that entails a steam bath for the face. This treatment is often used to relieve headaches and sinus.

Sausage on the face is also a good way to relax. Heat of the steam and the scent of herbs added to the water relaxes the muscles, quieten and enhance well-being.

Sausage face – for whom, how often, contraindications

Sausage face can be applied to normal skin dry, even mature. Due to the purifying effect, it is recommended especially for oily skin and acne. With treatment should abandon people with atopic skin, allergic and very sensitive – may result in irritation and aggravation changes. Frankfurters on the face is not recommended also for people with hypertension, atherosclerosis and glaucoma.

That’s how often we treat ourselves steam bath for the face mainly depends on the type of our skin. In the case of mature skin and dry steam treatment does not perform often than once every two weeks (otherwise even more wysuszysz complexion). When you have oily skin or normal – sausage you can do once a week.

Sausage face – what supplements

To steam bath for the face, you can use only water. However, we achieve the best results, enriching it with herbs. In this case, at least we boil a liter of water, add approx. 4 – 5 tablespoons of selected herbs, covered, and wait until it is infused. What herbs can be added?

  • Chamomile – has anti-inflammatory, disinfects and soothes
  • melissa – soothes, refreshes, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, relaxes
  • lavender – disinfects, refreshes, reduces sebum production, soothes, helps to relax and calm
  • linden blossom – soothes, anti-inflammatory, relaxes
  • rosemary – disinfected, antibacterial, calms

Check is also essential Sites for mom – 100 percent. and high quality. These may be used alone or combined with herbs (boiled water to add a few drops of essence). For the treatment of the steam can be used, for example. Bergamot oil (anti-inflammatory and anti-stress), lavender, orange, sandalwood, eucalyptus.

Steam bath for the face – step by step

  • Before the procedure thoroughly clean the face, you should also apply gentle scrub.
  • Boil water – at least l and add the herbs (a few tablespoons) – Brew under cover 2 – 3 minutes.
  • The vessel with the infusion of attitudes in a place where you will be free to lean over the pan, keeping a safe distance – approx. 40 cm – from the surface of the liquid.
  • Remove the lid (if necessary. Add a few drops of the essential oil), tilt the pan over the head with a towel and cover (creation of a kind of “tent steam”).
  • The procedure can take as little as a few minutes (especially when the skin is dry), but not longer than 10 minutes after the end of the sausages gently dry the damp skin, apply a mask or cream.
  • After the treatment for at least an hour we do not go out – hence the best sausage in the face prepare evening.

Popular spice will give hair shine, accelerate their growth and hamper loss

Popular spice will give hair shine, accelerate their growth and hamper loss

Cumin and egg on the hair – a recipe for homemade mask

The recipe for hair conditioner with cumin and eggs showed on his Instagram Madina Shrienzada. Her beautiful, well-groomed, long hair and nearly 800 thousand. Observers are the best recommendation. In the video you will see step by step how to prepare yourself this mask hair Makeup blog. The author promises a provision that the regular use of our bands will regain a healthy appearance. They will be moisturized, smooth and shiny.

Eggs have long been used in hair care. They used them already our grandmothers. But cumin hair is a novelty. However, it turns out that the rich in vitamins and trace elements spice is not only very healthy to eat, but also works well externally in hair care. Especially those destroyed, lusterless and falling out excessively.

Preparing masks for hair with cumin and eggs is very easy. You only need a grinder to grind spice. Of course you can buy it directly in powder form, but freshly ground grains have more active ingredients and work better. A bowl hammer one egg and mix thoroughly with three tablespoons of powder cumin. Apply the mask on your hair and hold half an hour. After this time, rinse thoroughly with warm water. In order to better distribute the conditioner on your hair, you can use a brush (such as the dyeing).

GM diet, or how to lose six kilograms in a week

GM diet, or how to lose six kilograms in a week

Proponents of GM diets claim that this method of weight loss helps burn fat faster than other diets. But do you actually work? We will look at the advantages, but also disadvantages.

What is a GM diet?

GM Diet was allegedly created for the employees of General Motors in 1985. It is given that its development contributed to the US Department of Agriculture. However, this myth was overthrown and did not really know who created the GM diet.

Diet plan is divided into seven days with very strict rules on products that can be eaten. For example, in the second day of the diet, you can eat only vegetables, and the fifth a few tomatoes and lots of meat.

According to the National Diet to help GM shed up to six kilograms in just seven days. Thanks to its use our body has reportedly opportunity to get rid of toxins, improve digestion and increase your ability to burn fat.

Proponents of GM diet consider it to be effective, because it contains low-calorie foods, such as fruits or vegetables. And that comes in your diet – to create a calorie deficit, or eat less than you burn during the day. In addition, many products that you can eat on a diet contains a lot of water, which is another argument in its positive effect or detoxification of the body.

Those who promote the GM diet as a way to achieve your najepszy silhouette, zaklładają that to achieve long-term results of weight loss diet can be used many times, even at intervals of 5 – 7 days.

What you can eat on a diet of GM?

GM Diet is divided into seven days, with each day has its own rules in force.

It is recommended to drink 8-12 glasses of water each day to keep hydrated organisms during dieting. It not necessarily required physical activity, especially for the first three days of the diet.

Detailed guidance on the GM diet each day:

The first day:

  • eat only fruit – all kinds addition banana
  • no limits on the amount of fruit

Diet particularly encouraged followers to eat melons to increase weight loss.

Day two

  • eat only vegetables in the form of raw or cooked
  • diet does not determine the maximum quantity of vegetables
  • Limit potatoes only to breakfast

Day third

  • just eat all kinds of fruits and vegetables, except bananas and potatoes
  • diet does not determine the maximum quantity of products

Fourth day

  • eat only bananas; You can eat up to 6 large or 8 small bananas.
  • drink 3 cups of milk, preferably skimmed

day five

  • Eat two servings of beef, chicken or fish (250 grams)
  • in addition to the meat you can eat only six whole tomatoes.
  • Vegetarians can replace meat brown rice or curd.
  • increases in water consumption of two glasses to flush the additional uric acid

sixth day

  • on the sixth day meals can cover an unlimited amount of vegetables, but no potatoes.
  • Vegetarians can replace meat brown rice or curd

seventh day

  • eat only brown rice, fruits, vegetables
  • Drink fruit juices
  • It does not specify the maximum amount of any of these products

other guidelines

GM diet contains a few other guidelines presented in addition to the nutrition plan.

  • You can not eat beans, which, according to proponents of the diet is calorie and can cause weight gain
  • coffee drinking green tea is allowed, but only without the addition of any sweeteners
  • carbonated beverages, alcoholic and other beverages calories are not allowed unless they are included in the diet, for example. milk
  • instead of the usual milk, you can use soy meat substitute and even cottage cheese

After the end of the weekly diet plan GM is recommended to switch to low-carb and high-protein diet to maintain weight loss

The benefits of a diet of GM

Although no studies have not analyzed the GM diet, there are some studies on some of its aspects. First of all, a plan to encourage increased consumption of fruit and vegetables that have been shown to help us lose weight, turn up the metabolism.

In a study of 2015., Which it involved more than 133 000 participants, those who ate the most fruits and non-starchy vegetables, had the lowest risk of changes in body weight in a period of four years.

Importantly, the GM diet restricts certain foods and drinks that cause weight gain, such as sweetened drinks and alcohol.

Despite the fairly strict rules, however, allows the GM diet every day to choose meat, fruits and vegetables based on personal preferences, which makes it easier to persevere in it, because we eat what we like.

Disadvantages diet GM

GM diet has many disadvantages, however, to keep in mind:

  • there are no studies proving its effectiveness
  • there is no evidence that diet consists of “negative” calories
  • GM diet does not contain vital nutrients such as good fats, vitamin B12, iron, calcium
  • diet is not well-balanced and can lead to feelings of deprivation and hunger on some days due to the quantity of the various macronutrients
  • most days would consume much protein, which can bring counterproductive, because studies show that there has been can reduce appetite and increase weight loss
  • weight loss in diet can be temporary GM
  • most of the weight lost on this diet is more water, not fat

Every time you reduce calorie intake, your body is looking for other sources of fuel. This makes the starts to break down glycogen – the energy storage molecule located in the liver and muscles. Glycogen maintains a large amount of water so as glycogen stores are depleted, the water loss can cause rapid weight loss.

Unfortunately, this type of weight loss is only temporary and you have to reckon with the yo-yo effect.

Is it worth it to try a diet of GM?

Especially before the holidays, many people are looking for quick ways to lose weight, this can not be done in one week. Although GM diet are encouraged to eat fruit and vegetables, sugar-sweetened beverages is limited, its disadvantages far outweigh any potential benefits, especially the yo-yo effect.

What happens to your body after discontinuation of cigarettes? Six important changes after three days!

What happens to your body after discontinuation of cigarettes? Six important changes after three days!

After 20 minutes of cigarette withdrawal pulse begins to return to normal

Keep in mind that each cigarette contributes to an increase in blood pressure and a faster heart rate. This condition several times increases the risk of myocardial infarction and stroke. Cigarette smoking also reduces the effectiveness of blood pressure medications.

Two hours after quitting your heart rate and blood pressure stabilize

Also improves cardiovascular health. Nicotine affects the contraction of the blood vessels, the effect of which may be the feeling of cold hands and feet. After two hours without a cigarette nasty chill will slowly begin to subside.

12 hours without a cigarette the levels of carbon monoxide in the blood, increasing the oxygen level

Carbon monoxide, or fumes, is as much as 5 percent. inhaled cigarette smoke. This poisonous gas increases the permeability of cells, including It facilitates the penetration of toxic carcinogenic compounds and growth of atherosclerotic plaque.

24 hours after quitting smoking decreases the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD)

Smoking is one of the main factors for cardiovascular disease. It can lead to atherosclerosis, hypertension, myocardial infarction.

Two days without a cigarette improves the perception of flavors and fragrances

Nicotine, dryness of mucous membranes, where olfactory receptors are located, impaired sense of smell. Smell disorders affect both the taste problem (it loses its depth).

Three days after withdrawal of cigarettes lung-purify with the toxin

Toxin concentration is on the same level as in non-smoker. The same breathing becomes more relaxed, and the body is better oxygenated.

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