The five best moisturizers for the face

Unquestionably one of the basic skin-care cosmetics is moisturizing cream. Prevents water loss, stimulates internal sources of moisture in our skin and nourishes it accordingly. In addition, a number of other properties that positively affect the condition and appearance of the facial skin healthy. What’s more, he can successfully replace our base for makeup.

Although popular shops on offer, we can find plenty of face creams, the choice is not obvious. Brands often promise a lot, not necessarily what works in practice. Therefore, what should be a moisturizer? What to look for when shopping and, finally, how to choose? Below you will find five moisturizers for the face, which enjoy very good views in terms of operational efficiency, but not only!

1. Dr Irena Eris dermokrem long-term moisturizing

It is for women with sensitive skin with the first signs of aging, which need a strong and long-lasting moisturizing effect. Because the product improves skin elasticity, reduce fine lines, while preventing the aging process. This cream is enriched with lime water pharmacopoeia of soothing irritation and mitigation.

2. Clinique Moisture cream gel hydrating

Very light cream consistency of the gel that moisturizes dry and sensitive skin, reinforcing its protective barrier. It gives a feeling of coolness and freshness. During his fast, and also quite intense responsible, among other things swalan components such as vegetable oil or juice of aloe leaves. It is suitable for all skin types regardless of age.

3. Dermedic Hydrain 3 Hialuro cream gel

Another proposal for non-greasy cream and gel products which is suitable for each type of the facial skin requiring hydration. In addition, it strengthens and regenerates the skin. What’s more, perfect as a base for makeup. In its composition has, inter alia, thermal water, hyaluronic acid, urea, glycerin, and vitamin E.

4. Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light Light moisturizer

Lightweight moisturizer Vichy was created for the care of dry and very dry skin of the face. It has a formula inspired by isotonic solutions so intensely moisturizes, reduces signs of fatigue, and smooths. The presence of hyaluronic acid helps to keep water in the skin, providing a fill effect, and the mannose sugar plant is responsible for strengthening the cells.

5. Mix intensively moisturizing cream Hyalurogel

This cream with water and gelled consistency, very quickly absorbed, does not leave a greasy film and at the same time is long lasting skin moisturizing. It has a pleasant and delicate fragrance. Contains the active ingredients in the glycerin and hyaluronic acid, which help to achieve the effect of a smooth and radiant skin. If you need a cream that will work well as a base for makeup, then we can go ahead and use it.

Which in addition to the cream will help take care of the condition of facial skin while it moisturizes appropriate?

Many cosmetic brands have not only offer creams, but also other products that you have in your destiny not only moisturize, but also effectively cleanse delicate skin, making it instant comfort. Below we have selected some things to do.

Also sensitive skin with a tendency to drying treatment requires purification to help get rid of the unnecessary layer of dead skin. The best bet on a gentle enzyme peeling, because without friction (without irritating the skin), give it softness and healthy plasku. It is worth to pay attention to the composition of the Senate, the contents of extracts from algae and vitamins make the skin to regenerate quickly.

Moisturizing mask are very different in composition. These enriched with hyaluronic acid will give the skin elasticity and softness. While mask glycerin, oils, and plant extracts including, for example. Grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, cucumber extract, aloe vera, ginkgo biloba, or ensure proper care and hydration.

If you need a reliable moisture, but also nourishing facial skin is a good choice would be the serum. The high content of active ingredients make the skin quickly restore hydro-lipid balance, reducing the loss of water. A feeling of comfort and freshness is not everything, because the skin will also gain elasticity, and small wrinkles and smooth the lines nicely.